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Pilates is a type of exercise which developed by German Physical Trainer Joseph Pilates.

Pilates is typically performed on a floor mat and  concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core muscles & posture. Pilates aims to improve flexibility, mobility and core strength in the body.

Core is the group of the muscles that controls the pelvis and spine. Core strength training may be useful to prevent aging of the structure like bones and cartilage. Having strong postural muscle may prevent certain types of incontinence.

Furthermore, pilates exercises are including breathing patterns are called intercostal breathing which aids the using respiratory muscles efficiently. Improved breathing may allow your body function optimally.

Our physiotherapist Merve Izol is qualified by IPF (International Pilates Federation) overseas, as reformer and MAT pilates instructor.

As a pilates instructor and physiotherapist, she takes advantage of both clinician and instructor approaches, which provides unique pilates experience to her clients. She is extremely creative to modify exercises to patient needs, especially for elder people.

Our physiotherapist provides pilates session as one to one instruction and group classes.

Medical history of patient analyses by the physiotherapist before deciding exercises program. (one-on-one session).