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Acupuncture is the practice derived from ancient Chines Medicine. Practioners insert very thin needles through your skin  at specific points in the body.


What is the evidence based  benefits of doing acupuncture?

 Central Effect: Acupuncture points are believed to stimulate the central nervous system.  It is found acupuncture may help to release chemicals into the muscles and brain.These chemicals may be beneficial to physical and emotional well-being.

Local Effect:  Acupuncture helps to increase the local blood flow  , This is why acupuncture may be used to  facilite healing  in the area where the needle inserted. This is why acupuncture may be used the targetted area which  stimulate the local healing.

 Myofascial Effect:  “Myo” means muscle and “fascial” means fascia. Myofascial tissue is thin connective tissue which extends throughout your body. It is very common to have myofascial tightness in numerous musculoskeletal problems.

There is a number of studies that were found the conection between acupuncture and connective tissue planes.This is why acupuncture can be useful to treat myofascial conditions.

 Analgesic Effect: Acupuncture may have an analgesic effect through the release of the particular neurotransmitter and may also have analgesic effect through  the release of local endorphin.

Acupuncture and Dry needling is commonly used in Physiotherapy Practice to treat conditions below;

  • Tendinopathy Problems
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Management of Musculoskeletal Pain & Tension

Our physiotherapist Merve IZOL  is fully qualified Acupuncturist and has been trained in eastern and western versions under the Acupuncture association of chartered physiotherapists (AACP).